CellC Internet Bundles with FREE VoIP Minutes

Home Key features

Keep your Telkom number.
Works on any internet fibre connection.
Links to your chosen alarm company.
Just plug in your old Telkom phone.
Router is easy to install and set up.

Business Key features

No need for costly PBX systems.
Add users as your organisation
Link branches and home offices
on one central system.
Reduce administration costs.


Router (Once-off) – R1700.00 incl vat
Account Setup incl Number Porting (Once-off) – R575.00 incl vat
Site Installation Fee (Once-off) – R345.00 incl vat
Monthly Amount Options
20Gig + 200VoIP Minutes – R680.00 incl vat
50Gig + 200VoIP Minutes – R780.00 incl vat
100Gig (Price on Request)
200Gig (Price on Request)
Phone App R57.50 incl vat

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