Wikus de Swardt and his team at our local Spar have been acknowledged by the Spar Group with 3 prestigious awards. Over the past 3 years they have qualified for the “Ladder of Success” (LOS) prizes. The LOS prize is a reflection of their growth, commitment to quality, health and safety as well as their involvement in the community during 2017. The store’s Fresh Department was also recognised as one of the top 5 stores in the Western Cape (WC), for this they received the “Excellence in Fresh Award”. Finally Wikus himself was the winning recipient of the WC “Young Achiever Award 2017” given to one Spar retailer under the age of 35 whose store (‘s) have excelled in performance, teamwork and overall success.

It’s no wonder; we have been privy to this success by a great shopping experience. The recent store expansion adding 700 square meters of space, 550 to the trading area and 150 to storage, the Tops division has been doubled in size. You may have noticed, there’s less congestion, the isles are wider. The Beantree Coffee Shop, a full coffee offering, has been a very welcome and noticeable addition to many of us coffee junkies. Well done to the De Swardt Family and their team. They are all keenly focussed on all round success and we wish them well for 2018 and beyond.