Drug Addiction Focus Week 21-26 September 2015

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse is a serious societal problem which impacts on the very fibre of our community value system. The Tik epidemic in particular is having devastating consequences among our families and within our communities at large.

The CAB (Christelike Afhanklikheidsbediening) is having a focus week on addiction-recovery and related support interventions during the last week of September and invites everyone affected by drugs or alcohol, directly or indirectly to attend any of the week’s activities.

During the course of the week mothers of drug addicts, and addicts themselves will give first hand testimony of the severe impact of drug addiction on their family life. People with experience and professionals in the field of addiction and recovery will also share their knowledge of the current street drugs with which our youth is lured into addiction and destruction of their lives.

The program for the week:

Monday 21’st, 7pm
Inter-Denominational Prayer Service
VGK Church Hall, Eiland Street

Tuesday 22’nd , 7pm
Testimonies of Recovered Addicts
VGK Church, Ext 13.

Wednesday 23’rd, 7pm
Family Support – The cross a mother carries with an addict in the home
VGK Church Hall, Eiland Street

Thursday 24’th, 7pm
Information Session on current street drugs
VGK Church, Ext 13

Friday 25’th, 5pm
Fellowship with struggling addicts around campfire and braaivleis.

Bring an addict and join us.
VGK Church Hall, Eiland Street

Saturday 26’th, 9-12am Workshop

Session 1. Panel Discussion

Session 2. Presentation – How to deal with an addict in the home.

Session 3. Discussion – The way forward
VGK Church, Ext 13

Sunday 27’th, 09h30
Closing Off Service

God’s Love Heals.
VGK Church, Ext 13

For more information contact Setchmor Rhoodes on 073 061 2138 or Haylene Claasen on 084 650 3970