Como ele tudo Começar (How it all Began)

Like most men I need to earn a living to survive. After being unemployed for nearly 6 months the situation got desperate and desperate times calls for desperate measures.

As it was required from me to be out of country for a number of days I went to visit a friend in Mozambique. He and his wife own a restaurant and a small kiosk in Matola (a suburb of Maputo). One day enjoying  beer (2M) outside their kiosk we discussed my possible future options; right there and then “Frangos” was born.

In search for the perfect taste we visited an array of little Chicken Take-away shops and restaurants all over Mozambique. The idea evolved and manifested, today you can taste and enjoy the results.

We hope you enjoy our food. Should you have any complaints or grievances please inform us as such so we can address the problem. Please remember we of course also thrive on compliments.

Bon Appetite! / Enjoy your meal!

Let’s get quizzical!

We have had fabulous teams competing and great fun every Thursday night.
Come and have will have the opportunity to defend yoiur title as “I AM SMARTICUS”

Come and join in this Thursday 29 April 2021 and show off that brilliant minds of yours.



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Shop 10 Guinea Fowl Walk, 41 Long Street, Great Brak River


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