Description of Short Walks

1. 103 Steps Walk
Start at Peperboom Restaurant in Long Street. Turn South – walk 20 meters, turn right into Sandhoogte Road. (Suiderkruis Security offices now on your left.) Continue up the road till you get Groenkloof Retirement village on your left. On your right hand side you will find ‘103 Steps’ – an interesting land art garden. The garden is open to the public – enjoy and follow the paths and be sure to walk the labyrinth at the top of the garden. Return to Peperboom via the same route.
Time: Approx 30 – 45 minutes

2. Vleiland & Nature Walk
Begin in Long Street at the Ellen van Rensburg Library. Walk though the library parking area, past the squash court and play school. Follow the gravel road around the cricket field and past the bowls and jukskei clubs on your left. You will find a wide track turning to the left – continue on this track through the vlei area of the river. You will discover small vegetable plots, a variety of vlei vegetation, storm water canals and furrows and a variety of birdlife. The track turns left a small distance before a small heritage cottage: “Die Rooidak Huisie”. Turn left into Long Street and continue back to the starting point.
Time: Approx 30 – 40 minutes

3. History Walk
Start at Die Ou Pastorie Restaurant in Long Street. Walk in a northerly direction past some vegetable plots on your right. You will pass the heritage home called Fairholm, the Searle Memorial Church and west bank. Turn left at the intersection and continue till you find the Great Brak River Museum and Tourism Building on your left. Turn back and walk to the intersection and cross on the bridge to the Bolton’s Shoe Factory – home of the Grasshopper shoes! The factory outlet shop is open to the public. Return to Die Ou Pastorie on the same route.
Time: Approx 50 – 70 minutes

4. Pepper Tree Walk
Begin at Hough’s Herb Garden, in Mossienes Street. Turn left and walk to the corner Station and Mossienes Streets. Stop to look at the widest pepper tree in South Africa (11.2 m) on the boundary of Chris Spies Art Gallery. Cross the road to the right, past the back of Pick n Pay. On the right you will see Belhambra House (Post Office) and to your left the Head Office of Bolton’s Footwear. Next to Belhambra is the old Bioscope – now Auctioneers. Continue on to St. John’s Anglican Church and the Apostolic Church. Cross the road towards the river and walk past a group of original factory workers cottages. A short distance away you will find a farm gate and open fields. Climb over the fence using the wooden stairs and continue on the farm path until the Hydro-Electrical pump house (still in working condition). Walking further in not recommended – route is impassable due to flood damage. Return via the same route to Hough’s Herbal Hub.
Time: Approx 50 – 75 minutes

5. The Southern Cross Walk
Start at De Dekke Restaurant on the R102. Walk past the complex towards the river. Carefully cross the R102 into Southern Cross Road and continue towards the beach. At the beach parking area turn right into Orian Road and continue walking till the end of the road. Return by the same route to De Dekke
Time: Approx 45 – 60 minutes

6. The Island Walk
Start at Trans-Karoo in Morrison Road. Walk for about 50 meters in an easterly direction. Cross Morrison Road at The Island turn-off. Cross the narrow wooden bridge to The Island. A circular road takes you around The Island. There are numerous alley ways down to the river’s edge and the beach. Explore this interesting suburb with its milk wood trees and typical beach vegetation. Return to Trans-Karoo via the same route.
Time: Approx 20 – 30 minutes

7. The Circle Walk
The circle walk – right around the village – for those who prefer a longer walk – can start and end at any of the numerous parking areas around the village. The trail involves walking around the river and village along Long Street and Station Road, crossing the two bridges at either end of the village. Care should always be taken when crossing roads and bridges, and hiking gear is preferable.
Distance: Approx 5 km
Time: 70 – 90 minutes

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