There are many companies that have been unsuccessful in the market place mainly due to greed and “fronting” proclaiming to be contributing to the demographics of our country, we believe in true upliftment of previous and historical disadvantage individuals by ensuring we channel our equity and management to the TRUE disadvantaged.

Information Systems Management (ISM) will structure its partnerships very carefully. We frown upon fronting, and any established business that approaches us with a patronising intent is discouraged from engaging. We require our partners to state upfront in precise and unambiguous terms the nature of our proposed relationship before we enter into any agreement with them.

It is our fervent hope that with these partnerships, we can harness the untapped economic and technological potential of historically disadvantaged individuals in order to integrate emerging skills into the mainstream economy. We ensure that knowledge and skills transfer and development are prioritised to this end.

Local companies

We partner with local companies as far as possible to provide technology to our customers. We believe in leveraging local skills and locally developed technology to provide reliable support for our customers.

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