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  For more details, visit us on Facebook 108 karavaan en tent staanplekke almal met krag en baie koeltebome. 2 groot ablusie blokke, 2 swembaddens, trampoliens, klimrame, glyplank, swaaie, braaigeriewe, kanos, mini-golf.    

The purpose of refrigerators, we believe, is to keep our food cold… No, not the case…The purpose of the refrigerator is to remove the heat from our foodstuffs, and the resultant effect is what we call cold. So then technically refrigerators keep our…

Riverside Holiday Resort is situated on the banks of the Little Brak River, six kilometres from the Indian Ocean and Little Brak Beach.The river is navigable for twenty kilometres and teeming with fish, which means there is excellent boating,…

Searle Memorial Church 2 Long Street Great Brak River Minister: Rev. Peter Holden

Huur Kamers Opsies: Kamer 1: 5vk/m @ R340 per maand _____X_______ Kamer 2: 7vk/m @ R470 per maand ____________ Kamer 3: 7vk/m @ R470 per maand ____________ Kamer 4: 7vk/m @ R470 per maand ____________ Kamer 5: 4.8vk/m @ R 320 per maand ___________

When I look analytically at what I have done and am doing, I do see growth patterns, and tendencies, which can be considered modern versions of styles that have persisted through the entire history of art. (more…)

Steers Great Brak