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To date we have sterilised in excess of 650 cats and dogs from disadvantaged communities in and around Great Brak River. We rely totally on the voluntary help of Doctors and animal lovers to achieve this goal. We are wonderfully supported in our…

Vision: To creat a safe and protective enviroment for children. Mission: •To protect and develop the interests, welfare, safety and development of children in their families and their community. •To protect children’s rights throug a holistic,…

Lang Straat (044) 620 3361 / 10111

The Youth Cafe serves as a door keeper for Youth (between the ages of 15 – 34 years), not in education, not in training and not employed to access opportunities through skills development, personal development which enhances positive social…

Great Brak Tourism information. Visit us for information about the area

044 620 3338 & Fax 086 607 7592

Visit us on Facebook Were there slaves in Great Brak? Come and see the Slavery Exhibition now on at the Museum.   (more…)